Keap Shorts REVIEWS

"Without customers, there is no Keap. Without customer feedback there will be no Keap in the future. If there's any question, feedback, or idea that you think we should hear- we are always all ears. Drop us a line in the live chat, or email me at"

- Patrick, Founder/CEO of Keap Athletics

"High-quality craftsmanship. We especially dig the smartly designed front pockets that make it virtually impossible for anything to fall out of these athletic shorts."
- P. Blumberg, Gear Editor

 "If you're sick of fishing out your phone between the seat and your car door and could go without the constant paranoia of leaving your wallet behind, Keap has a better path forward."
- Jack Archer, Founder/Editor

"Best Overall Short in 2021. These shorts are so handy- you don't have to worry about losing your wallet as you sit down in your car"
- William Barton, Founder/Editor

Fix the problem with the clever Keap Athletic Shorts, which have uniquely designed pockets to keep your belongings perfectly safe."
- F. Tapp, Contributing Editor

"The devil is in the detail with these shorts and if you’ve long been struggling with keeping your EDC in check whilst out and about exercising, these are definitely the shorts for you."
-Leo Davie, Founder/Editor


Review of The Original Short from Eric Liu - Check out his instagram below!