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We created Keap Athletics because we were tired of sitting down and having our stuff fall to the floor, into the couch, or down the crack of our car seat. When we put something in our pocket, it should stay there. After several prototypes we finally found the perfect combination of convenience, comfort and security.

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5 star rating

"The deep pockets with the near horizontal opening at the top really work to keep stuff from falling out. That's keys, phone, earbuds, wallet, and sometimes glasses for me depending on the activity. I also have some zipper pocket gym shorts and they also work but relative to Keap, accessing your stuff is a relative pain."

- Myron P

5 star rating

"I love wearing these shorts on a lazy weekend being around the house. It’s so convenient being able to put things in your pockets without worrying that they will fall out. I didn’t realize how great they would be until I gave them a test drive. AND they look great. Win Win. Won’t be buying any other brand."

- Ryan C

5 star rating

"Love these workout shorts because of how the pockets are positioned. You can put items in the pockets and don’t have to worry about anything falling out."

- Richard H

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